Hanging planters grey in geotextile wall plant pots
Hanging planters grey in geotextile wall plant pots
pots suspendu gris en geotextile pot de fleur pour accrocher au balcon
cheap containers for flower indoor and outdoor planters
jardiniere plastique pas cher pour balcon et terrasse
plastic pot for grow flower and herbs smart pot in geotextile
jardiniere pour balcon pas cher pour suspendre au mur vegetale
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Hanging Planter Grey

Breathable Hanging Planter!

Durable and permeable, jardisac lets the water run through the soil creating maximum air circulation to the roots and the soil. The pot is well conceived and low maintenance. It resist bad weather, tears, and is treated against UV rays.

  • Height 13 cm - 5.1 in
  • Diameter 15 cm - 5.9 in
  • Weight 453 g - 0,35 lb


Exterior: Resistant canvas, 100% polyester permeable, treated against UV rays.
Interior: Geotextile non-woven, 100% polypropylene, treated against UV rays.
Handles: Polyester ribbon treated against UV rays.



Put the soil directly in the pot and insert the plant. In Spring, just add compost. For interior use, place a pot saucer under the pot is needed to prevent water from spilling on the floor.