Blue flower pots for indoor outdoor
pot jardisac

Plant pot 30 cm Bleu cyan

Jardisac is permeable, the soil breathe, pot lets water run and soil aeration. The fabric is UV-resistant he can withstand temperatures from -30°C to +70°C. The plant pot can be used inside or outside and they may spend the winter outside. ( Use a pot saucer for inside to retain water )

  • Height 31 cm - 12,2 in
  • Diameter 30 cm - 12 in
  • Weight 480 g - 1 lb

    Outside: Permeable canvas 100% polyester UV-resistant
    Inside: non-woven geotextile 100% polypropylene UV-resistant
    Handles: Polypropylene UV-resistant

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    Put directly the soil in the container then plant your plant. The soil most always be weet. In spring add compost and start again gardening. Use a pot saucer for indoor to retain water.